Everyday People, They Make The World Tick

So I was driving to work this morning. Nothing different about the day. Nothing different about my routine either.

You see my routine is usually like clockwork every week. I  shower at the same time every morning , drive through the same route everyday.  Same predictable commute pattern.

But something has been a bit off all week last week and even running up to this week.

Then it hit me.

There is this amiable LASTMA official that belts out the most cheerful “Good Morning Sir”  you will every hear on any given morning. He seemed to have been AWOL for the past week.

Funny enough I had grown accustomed to seeing the neatly dressed LASTMA OFFICIAL on my route to work for the past year. At first I suspected his cheerful demeanor (maybe he was looking for a tip) i would mutter to myself, so I would usually reluctantly reply his enthusiastic  greeting.

But he kept at it for months and before long I had completely warmed up to him. I had completely succumbed. My replies have even reached the same level of his nowadays. He is now “Ma Nigga”.  Even on days  I wake up on the wrong side of the bed , that cheerful “Good Morning” usually does the trick.

I hope I see him tomorrow.

See Ehn, people do not need to make noble sacrifices on a national scale to be heroes. There are people who live with us, work with us, commute to work with us every day. With no fanfare or recognition, they  just help make society a better place through their work and the positive way they live their lives.

Little impact-ful gestures that go a long way.

It could be the guy who sweeps the pedestrians bridges with so much gusto you would think he is cleaning the streets of heaven , or the amiable woman driving the  neighborhood waste disposal truck who I met the other day.

Everyday People. They make the world tick.




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