Trends Or New Normal?

The conception and birthing of humans is quite fascinating. There are so many things that can go wrong! It can be so scary and daunting for parents! Ultimately I think every pregnant woman’s biggest prayer and worry is to birth a completely healthy child.

For a lot of people they get that but a lot of women are not so lucky… pregnancy is like a game of Russian Roulette; there is always a chance, no matter how small, that when you pull the trigger a bullet is shot!

Anyway, this beautiful yet scary process keeps taking new unexpected turns in my eyes! I am not married and I don’t have kids but i’d like to some day. So I guess because of that, I pay extra attention to pregnancy; thank you Youtube, I’ve watched countless birthing videos and pregnancy blogs and one thing for sure is that it never goes as planned.

But that’s not even the topic for today, right now what’s on my mind is options right after delivery! You know the normal thing is to cut the cord and that’s it, well maybe now people decide to save the cord blood just in case, with high hopes they never actually need it.

Lately though, I’ve been seeing interesting things concerning the placenta! Some of these practices are very out of the box to me!

  • Eating of the placenta- erm so I believe this is to reduce the chance of postpartum depression (for the mothers), the concept is quite self explanatory. However I really would like to see how it is cooked: do you season it? can you make a stew of it? steak? kebab?…very interesting 
  • Encapsulation- so for those who want the benefit of consuming the placenta but can’t bring themselves to do that, there are companies who turn your placenta to pills, sort of like multivitamins to use everyday….hmmm yeah
  • Lotus birth- here, the cord is not cut at all…so the baby is attached to the placenta for a number of days after birth (3-10 days on average). The school of thought here is that the baby gets all the nutrients from the placenta, there’s no intervention so the cord removes itself naturally so the baby has an easier time to transition from womb to world and it creates a better bonding period….err alright then 
  • Delayed cord cutting- this speaks for itself, all it means is that instead of the common practice of cutting the cord immediately, you wait for some minutes for the baby to get a lot more nutrients from the placenta which is extremely beneficial to the baby…hmmm fair enough

What do you guys think of these practices? Ever heard of them or done any of them? Are there other placenta related practices out there? I’m so curious

Please share!

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