Here I Go Again

This is going to be very brief… I feel like someone is playing games with me… Some months ago, I did a post about my serious phobia for cockroaches and I think the universe is now fucking with me…

Over the past few weeks on about 3 or 4 occasions, I have encountered the demons called roaches at different places; see this is very odd as I don’t come across roaches in my day to day life. So I came up with this farfetched hypothesis that the house help some how found out I am scared of roaches and so has started positioning them in different places so I’ll come across them and gradually lose what is left of my mind.

Anyway so last night, after a long day all I wanted to do was to get into my room and get ready for bed, you know. To my amazement I walk into my clean bedroom and see a roach on the floor; lying on it’s back (apparently when they’re on their back it means they are close to death; remember, I don’t believe roaches can actually die).


I’ll cut the long story short yeah! Anyway my parents got involved, tears were shed, my sanity was questioned by my father and my mum questioned my sensibilities for a suggestion I made!

So I have come to a conclusion: I need to get over this fear!

Aromatherapy? Hypnosis? Electroconvulsive therapy? Fear factor?

Please give me options to solve this embarrassing, crippling fear!

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