Keeping Hope Alive

How many times over the past three years (Since 2014!) have we empathized with the parents of those poor children?

I have seen tweets and posts that the reports of the recently found Chibok 82 as politically motivated. A distraction from President Buharis in-competencies and his ailing health.

Wow, Really?

I know Nigeria is a horrible place, but we should not be that bad guys. We lack empathy as an emotional trait. That’s why Boko Haram exists in the first place (Story for another day).

So let me break it down a little bit. Most people reading this probably have a daughter , sister or a young female adult close to you. Agreed? Cool.

So Imagine if some guy with horrible body odor sleeps with her every other night for the past three years. Forcefully at first then easily after their subjects have been subdued. Imagine the mental torture the family of  all these girls will be going through.

Just imagine I’ll wait.

Its not easy to continue to keep up hope alive  after losing a loved one for three damn years. I imagine the lives of those families will be at a stand still , hoping and waiting every day that their loved ones will be found.

So please Nigeria, I know its hard to empathize when we something does not affect us directly. But lets not politicize peoples lives.

Think of those families. Think of all those girls.


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