We Are Tired Of Nigerian Time

Nigerians are the most badly behaved people on earth to be honest.

Hear me out I’m going somewhere with this..

Nigerians were not satisfied with African time we  just had to create our version “Nigerian Time“.  Why Isn’t there Ghanaian time or even South African time?

Most times I would really like to get to a venue at 4pm if the time slot was 4pm. For real no joke. I know how many times I have kept to time and I have seemed to have gotten there too early because of “Nigerian time“. Nowadays any Nigerian that keeps to time is looked at like a unicorn.

All that posturing and deliberate late coming to act “Nigerian” is just complete bad behavior.

Here’s a funny thing I noticed ,people now set times for events much earlier than the actual time to counteract the “Nigerian time” disease. Yes! Its a disease!

Let me tell you a funny story.

So a friend of mine had his naming ceremony recently. Time slot was 1pm.

Mr Oga started 1pm prompt and finished up in due time. I kid you not but the event management people were already cleaning up the venue and packing up when a lot of guests just started arriving. You can imagine their shock when there wasn’t a drop of Jollof rice in sight!

People of God, we have a disease worse than Ebola and Meningitis on our hands!!

The funny thing is that when Nigerians are abroad we keep to time like our lives depends on it. So Its just when we are on these shores that we act like this.

How do we solve this “Nigerian Time” problem?

I guess there could be a social studies course in school called “Punctuality”  which i think could help the younger kids.

But If you’re older and always tardy… There’s no hope for you beloved.


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