Best Things In Life

I’m sure everyone’s heard Riton’s bop tune “Money”. He featured our very own EDM artist Kah-lo (the rinse and repeat singer), alongside Mr Eazi and the one and only OBO. Might I just add that I love the tune; not just because I’m an EDM lover but because it’s always so nice to see Nigerian musicians doing something other than our regular jollof music.

On to today’s banter, one of the lines in the song said “the best things in life are free”; and as usual, the lady disagrees – but on this matter I actual agree with the pretty lady. Let’s not lie to ourselves, there’s actually nothing free in this life. Even the air you breathe. I know some of you might disagree but check this out.

Let’s start with air. We breathe it in everyday (thank God for that), without paying one naira or dollar. But the mode of payment for air is work, a.k.a hustle. Once you’re breathing, it means you’re alive, and from the moment you’re about 2 years old, work begins for you thanks to that boring place called school; yuck. Other things you pay with include worry, fear, happiness, partying, in fact everything that has to do with your emotions. Pretty powerful and costly freebie innit? Besides, some people have started selling air from concerts in plastic bags…how about that?

Point 2: LOVE!!! Ahhhh, that wonderful feeling/emotion. That sends chilly chill chills down your spine and just gives some other human being control over you (mumu button for short). The price you pay for this beautiful emotion is compromise. It goes from “I” to “we” or “us”. You have to consider the other person in whatever you do. And even when you wanna go to some party alone, you still have to ask but you keep your fingers crossed hoping your lover says no. Such a costly price innit but…nonetheless, still a beautiful emotion.

LIFE comes third with the greatest payment…DEATH. You can decide to not work or hustle with that air you have…thereby escaping the payment stated above. But one thing you can’t not pay for is this third point. Doesn’t make sense right? I get it…but look at it this way –“we all live to die”. Every living thing has an expiry date. So in the end no matter how healthy you might be, or how hardworking you were when you were breathing…there will come a time someone will talk about how you lived, impacted others and what you did with the air that you had for the duration of years you spent. From the looks of it, points one and three very much go hand in hand. But one is greater than the other.

Now while the best things in life aren’t particularly free, we can still make the best of it. Cut toxic folks outta your life yo…learn the three Ls – Live, Love and Laugh. Do what makes you happy, so that when you make your payment for life, those you left behind will still be fond of you.

And that’s all on my banter for today. Hope I made a little bit of sense *covers face shyly*. Kaido out! *deuces*


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