Domestic Violence Center Stage

Lately, all over social media, there have been numerous cases of domestic violence all across the world. From the married Nollywood actress, who was her husband’s punching bag for many months, to the South African lady whose boyfriend burnt her to death. So many women have come out to talk about their horrid experiences with men.

Many women have been through hell and are still going through hell in the hands of men who claim to love them. Some women are lucky to get out after the first few strikes, others remain for many years while a few women end up dying in the hands of these men. To say domestic violence is sad, is an understatement.

I don’t think there has been an increase in domestic violence cases, I just think that people are now using social media as a means to talk about the abuses they face in the hands of some men.

It is so great that people are talking now but we need to make sure the light of this issue keeps burning so even more women can speak out! And to make that a reality we need to reduce victim shaming, provide the necessary resources for these victims to rehabilitate and empower them to make sure they do not fall into the same cycle.

However, most importantly we need to raise young boys better and have open dialogues with men. They need to know that the strength of a man does not lie in his physicality and hitting a woman is not a thing to take pride in or resort to, regardless of what the woman has done to you. It takes more strength to walk away from those types of situations than to retaliate by causing bodily harm.

Unfortunately, there are also women who think being hit by a man is acceptable or deserved due to her actions. We need to let these women know that it is never okay for that to happen, even if that’s what they grew up witnessing!

Love, true real love, does not hurt, yes you might need to endure, but that is not in reference to physical abuse.

I know this is one sided and I know that men are also victims of physical abuse in relationships and that is just as horrible, but in terms of numbers, more women are victims of domestic violence!

So in conclusion, men and women, abusers and victims…

Zero tolerance for domestic violence ! Loud It! 




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