When We Mix Gender Roles With Equality

So this weekend was eventful for a lot of reasons. We (B and I) got to be guests on another podcast called the Unusual Podcast (Y’all should check them out, really awesome podcast).

After wading through the murky rain flooded streets of Lekki 1  (Thankfully Stacy, my Jalopy, was up to the task) we finally got to the Sound City studios where the podcast was being recorded.

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Not just because we got to meet awesome people, but also because of the conversations that were had.

The Highlight of all these conversation was the true definition of “Gender roles” and “Feminism

*Cue outrage because a man is writing about Feminism*. Hold your horses!!! I’m going somewhere with this…

You know when you always hear guys say “If you women want to be feminists be feminists to the latter“.  This statement basically means most men feel feminist should be able to do what men do, for instance lift a very heavy object. Very wrong.

This is mixing Gender roles, which means Men and Women performing different roles and Feminism which basically means equal rights and opportunities for men and women.. Men are not higher thinking beings because they are men. But because they are built to be physically stronger they can do certain tasks that women wouldn’t do.

Physical not mental, people please remember that.

We don’t live in the dark ages anymore where human beings relied on strength to get ahead in life.

So, because I want to be selfless I took the liberty to list a few do and don’ts for Y’all.

  • If you hit a woman in traffic, don’t ask for her husband or father or the man in her life. It’s wrong on many levels.
  • Don’t think a woman should not have a lot of money because she won’t find a man to marry
  • Don’t be prejudiced to think all females drivers are horrible drivers.
  • Please don’t objectify every woman you encounter or even work with.
  • Don’t shake men in a room first before you shake women. I don’t understand how a man’s hand is more valuable.
  • Waiters, when you pick up your bill don’t immediately assume the man paid because he is a man. so wrong!

I can go on and on. But we get the gist right?

Please lets behave.

And because i’m a really nice guy, here’s the episode of the podcast beloved! 


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