Societal Gender

In the spirit of fake deep as started by our very own Queen B, read below

Stereotyping, generalising, rationalising
Trying to figure out the true essence of our being
Why do men do what they do?
Why do women act like the do?

A question of gender trait differences
A matter with so many sitting on the fence
Though most feign the pretence of realising
They bear the torture of answers unsatisfying
But here I’ve come to realise
There’s no other answer that we may devise
Both genders require each other
To grow and be better together

Man claims to be strong and on top of it all
But society makes us forget his great fall
The strength of a man is related to the physical
But he lacks strength for the emotional
He hurts too, but cannot express
Because it is seen as him lacking finesse
For this reason, he never heals
The pain stamped forever with giant seals
Reliving it each day even years after
Trying hard not to falter
At this point he needs a shoulder to cry on
One he knows he can always call upon

Thought to be weak but still human
Physical strength she may lack
But emotional she’s got in the sack
She hurts too but is allowed to express
Shedding those sacred tears
She is able to heal
A touch every man wants to feel
For she doesn’t only heal her wounds
But that of others too

Complimentary to each other
Such bonds grow forever stronger
With much understanding and compromise
Together they will rise
Forget the feminism
It’s merely a social media reason
To start fights and unnecessary bants
So leave them with mediocrity and shallow rants
Focus on what is before you
That you too may not lose

Any man who appreciates a woman
For being there when you felt down and under
Is the strongest of all
Cause he knows that though strong he still will fall
But he has one he can count on
To pull him back up to carry on
For this reason I say, be the best you can be
Let no one call you weak
For you are who you are
And you need one to heal your lingering scar

Did it make sense?! Slide into the comments and share your thoughts. Kaido is out *deuces*


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