In case your are unaware Ramadan is around the corner (well now, has started). For those who have no idea what Ramadan is, it’s the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world. This is the month where forgiveness, mercy are the lowest hanging fruits of the tree (they always are anyway but even more so during Ramadan). It is the month where the gates of hell are shut and also, there is one special night every single prayer is answered! Of course these are the beliefs of Muslims around the world.

So with all the gems in this month, a lot of Muslims are on their bestest behaviors!!! Those who drink and smoke stop, adulterers and fornicators stop, going to clubs stop; everything that is worldly is put on hold, that is for majority of Muslims anyway. While the things they didn’t do all year, they start doing, praying 5 times daily, reading the Quran, giving to charity; the good deeds are heightened during this period.

Being in Lagos, Ramadan is not only felt by Muslims, Christians feel it too; perhaps more economically and socially though. So restaurants might see a decline in sales, alcohol consumption declines, some clubs even close down during the month.

But as the past has shown, the second Ramadan is over people go back to their old sinful ways! lol it’s hard (and perhaps boring) to be a saint!

So to all my Muslims out there (including myself) make the most of Ramadan, it’s only for 30 days! It’s all in the mind and let’s try to stick with the good behavior past the holy month this time around, shall we?!

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