OMG! June Already!

Wawu! Its  the 1st of June already!

The year is approaching its halfway point. 5 months gone just like that!

This is a good time as any to review all those plans you made at the beginning of year.

Woeful shey ?

Don’t fret there is still a lot of time to get things going.

I have a little story.

So I had fitness goals at the beginning of the year yeah? I was so pumped at the beginning ! I thought by Jan 1st i would hit the ground running , by three months i would be looking like a cross between Idris Elba and Tyson Beckford (The light skinned version that is) Easy as ABC right?

Lies! let me be honest I haven’t gotten anywhere! Life happened mehn!

I had to deal with new realities and new schedules and here we are! June 1st!

That’s the politically correct reason. The truth is i have procrastinated so much that the person that invented the word procrastination will be giving me a standing ovation right now.

Thankfully I killed the spirit last month and for 3 weeks i have been working out 3 days a week consistently.

There is hope yet for this young man.

*hold on  before I continue let me wear my motivational speaker hat*

Whatever goals you have set for yourself  its never too late to start. We are not running on time  that is limited to a year guys. We all want quality of life whether its a healthier lifestyle or a more financially rewarding life. Whatever it is let us not be bound time limits.

Just start your journey.



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