Kaido vs. The World: Prologue

Remember that superhero-like movie, Scott Pilgrim vs The World? Where this wimpy looking kid had a crush on this chick and he had to fight seven evil exes, each with his/her own superpower; luckily she liked him as well! Well, consider this a remake or better still a remaster…coming to you live from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea to the world.

It all began about a year ago…the amazing agency I work for, (P.S. Graphic artist by day, writer by night…a man of many talents; I know), was approached and given the chance to go international. Ofcus, the deal was taken without even batting an eyelash. Nobody really gave a shit what their official Language was, how valuable their currency was or shii like that. We just knew this was a great opportunity…and we weren’t gonna give competition a chance to one-up us. But then 6 months later, we began to worry. Why?! Because everything was going so slow. 8 months in, still nothing serious. Doubt began to creep in even deeper. 9 months in and we finally got a call and 3 of our top guns went to represent us. The whole agency was ecstatic. It will happen soon. Well, it did happen and though it took a whooping three months after the representation, I can boldly say now…I’M INTERNATIONAL BITCHES!!!

How did we get here? It’s quite an amazing tale. *insert epic survival music* but I dare say to you, through the road was tumultuous and full of peril…we prevailed. Though corruption and malice tried to stop this n**ga from being great…we prevailed. And so began the life of Kaido in a land he was nothing but a commoner in the beginning. What manner of trials lie ahead? Will he conquer and rule like he did in his home country? The trials of Kaido have begun *epic music ends*

Watch out for the next episode guys!!! Kaido out!

**P.S. Read the last paragraph again. This time with Morgan Freeman’s voice in your head…or Jeremy Irons…or James Earl Jones…or the man who played the black president IK the early phases of 24…anyone with a nice crisp and refined baritone voice. It’s worth it**

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