For the ♥ of Cliff Huxtable

I feel like i’m playing a game of Russian Roulette by writing about this! But before I pull the trigger hear me out! Okay? No? Really, Wow. *pulls trigger*

Wow, lucky me, it was an empty chamber! Here goes nothing then!


This show is hands down one of my favorite sitcoms ever! If I have the chance to, i’ll definitely buy the box set. It was just an all round positive show! Like no flaws whatsoever…

Clearly, with this whole Bill Cosby scandal a lot of people have mixed feelings and are taking it out on such a fantastic show! Personally i’m able to separate the 2… Bill Cosby and Cliff Huxtable…in my mind they are two separate entities! One I don’t really know and the other I LOVE.

Do I think Bill Cosby is guilty? Errr…but as they say: where there is smoke, there is fire.

Does that taint The Cosby Show? Not at all, at least not to me. I just don’t want the legacy of such a great show go down the drain like that of Cosby himself.

You know what? It’s unfortunate that at the tail of his life, with his own alleged actions, he has ruined himself.

The trial started on Monday and it’s so weird to me that Rudy was the one who escorted him into the court house. At such a moment in his life, where was his wife? his kids?

That’s really not the point of this post anyway, I just want people to STILL love what the show represented, and I think this is unique to each person. There was something for everyone to take out positively from the show, whether it was seeing successful black people, a very stable family structure or even seeing the dynamic of parent-child relationship play out, there was just something there for everyone!

Current controversy aside, it is a phenomenal show with great values and laughs.

So after reading this, watch an episode of The Cosby Show and don’t let Bill Cosby’s flaws distract you, let yourself just bask in the brilliance.

*Pulls trigger again* Still nothing? Thank Goodness

PS. Black-ish (the TV show) is getting a spin off called College-ish! When I found out I was like OMG OMG It’s The Cosby Show and a Different World all over again!!! *squeals*

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