Getting The Ring Tonight!

It’s so weird for me to talk about sports! I’m not an avid watcher or follower but I do have a fair idea of what’s going on, when it concerns teams I like.

There are only 2 sports I actually follow; football, no not soccer, not american football, FOOTBALL and Basketball.

So with football, I like it because my brother likes it and I am #teamManchesterUnited because my brother bleeds red!

However, I’m here today for the Love of Basketball though!

I fell in love with basketball by myself when I was in college! I remember following the finals between Dallas and Miami in 2011 and I was HOOKED! Basketball is just more fast paced and interesting; especially during NBA finals! OMG I’ve never actually watched the regular season of basketball. My love is for the FINALS! 

Since 2011, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the finals! The past 2 years though, I haven’t been watching the actual games because of the time it airs here in Nigeria. Plus the anxiety that comes with watching the live game, but that’s why I love the game though! That thrill is unlike anything! 

Last year, my heart broke! How could the Golden State Warriors lose! From a 3-1 lead! I was so sad! It was sooo tragic! 

This year though, I believe they’ll win, but I don’t want to be cocky (memories of last year keep humbling me)! But tonight might just be the night they win and be the champions again! I might actually stay up to watch it! My heart is going to be in my throat through out! Steph Curry and Kevin Durant better come through for me!

Oh shameless plug–in! K.D and I went to the same college!! ! Let’s hear it one time for the Longhorns

So let’s see if history will be made tonight!

Let’s go Golden State Warriors! 

Who have you got your money/heart on to win tonight?!

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