Quit Stunting

Over the weekend, all over blogs and social media, I saw many posts about the arrest of a Nigerian musician in the US for alleged credit card fraud. You know, the usual crimes associated with Nigerians, hence the popularity of Nigerians being synonymous with corruption and the famous 419 tag smeared all over Nigerians across the globe.

There have been several arrests like this, maybe not as ‘high profile’ but still significant. I remember a few weeks ago, a couple of Nigerians in Toronto, were found to have stolen millions of dollars from credit card fraud as well.

The similarity in these 2 isolated cases are in the crime and lifestyle of the culprits. They both stunted on the gram and spent lavishly on luxury brands, jet set life and the works.

Social media plays a pivotal role in our lives nowadays and and for the life of me I don’t understand why people still take things they see at face value! And because of this, a lot of people are in competition with themselves, trying to outdo the next person and for what exactly? Bragging rights? What the hell is it really worth?

What this causes is a lot of pressure and desperation and people are pushed to earning illegally! Because of what? More followers and likes on the gram? Street cred?

Really? That shallow? Wow

I honestly feel like we all need to check ourselves, sort out our value system right first, then help others (like oxygen masks on an airplane, do you first). So we can possibly protect loved ones from dangerous situations, life behind bars or worse!

Let me end with this, it is perfectly okay to want more, you know, the finer things of life; the luxury things that we desire. But let’s do it legitimately, let’s strive honestly and God willing we will earn more money! Isn’t it sweeter when you know you worked for it?

However, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we might not reach where we want because the bar keeps getting higher, we are humans, we always want more. When that happens let’s find contentment in what we have, to us it might not be a lot but to more people than not we are indeed wealthy.

So don’t settle for less, strive for more but always find contentment in what you have, that’s true wealth.


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