Gift Ideas For Bae

Apparently Bae means ‘before anyone else’ Did you know that? I think it’s apt though.

Anyway, if you know me, you know I suck at giving gifts, so I don’t! I’d rather take you out or just share some experience with you on that day. It’s hard to get someone a gift, like how do I figure out what you would definitely like without out rightly asking you? I also believe an element of gift giving is surprising the person… I really don’t know, this is not my forte at all!

However, I remember years ago, listening to some grown women talk about giving gifts to a significant other and the implication the first gift you buy your boyfriend has. I want to believe what they said what banter and they didn’t actually believe it but it has stuck with me ever since. Who knows maybe there’s some truth to what they said! I guess there’s no harm in sharing

  • Shoes: he’ll walk away from that relationship eventually
  • Shirt: he’ll look dapper and sexy in it, another woman will find him attractive and again he will end up leaving you alone in the relationship
  • Belt: here’s where you have the upper hand, you get him a belt you tie that man down for life or till you’re done with him!

I find this extremely funny! But i’m not going to lie, I remember telling my friends this! They didn’t take heed of the grown women folk and alas what they said came to pass (of course this is for dramatic effect) LOL

So have you heard relationship myths like this one? Share with me! I’m curious

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