Wet and Out of Style!

So its rainy season, and so damn what?! See ehen, I kinda like this time of the year because somehow I find a way to show a lil skin or even cover up due to the cold weather and still SLAY. Fashion is what you make out of your style.

Now, who said you can’t stay dry and trendy during this time?! Dressing for a rainy day isn’t that difficult, planning ahead and figuring out the best and comfy outfit is really essential. Let’s talk about the appropriate hairstyles, makeup tips, footwear, clothes and what to have in our bags in case of emergency rain.

Makeup tips: keep your makeup mild and minimal, especially if you ain’t driving and Uber is not coming throug, it is really advisable during rainy weather. However, the makeup industry is growing and innovating, there are a lot of new mattifying powders and concealers, but for this weather, less is more.

I bet you don’t want to go from this


to this… errm hell NO!!!

Crying Young Woman with Running Mascara


Hairstyles: No compromising on this at all! Maintaining our hairdos can really be stressful and tiring, especially those Bohemian, Peruvian curly weaves. Try gel pony buns, braids/twists or pixie side bangs, all of these are comfy to rock. 6-short-brunette-layered-pixie



Clothes: This is the best and fun part, either showing a little skin or covered up, fashion is what you make out of your style remember? So you can’t throw out all your clothes when you can’t figure how to pair them up. Office friendly, laid back, conventional outfits or even pop-up colors have got you covered for days. Really, you don’t have to go out of fashion due to the rainy weather, switch up your styles by spicing up your looks with your regular sweater tops, turtlenecks, off shoulder, oversized dresses or even gloves, scarves, stockings, hats etc.


sweater  gray-cable-knit-sweater


Footwear: The only fashionable footwear I love on rainy days is JELLY (Sandals, Slippers, and Boots). The fascinating truth about Jelly is that some are office friendly and you can never go wrong with them. Some don’t even look like they are made of rubber and you leave people wondering what cuties you have on your feet.

Street Style: Day 2 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Spring/Summer 2015

jelly sandals lcfu764-crystal-jelly-shoes-leisure-beach-sandalsyellow-3090-45063901-12c54bc9c019cfaa836367a6b5c587ae-product_340x340


“Lip balm, mini size umbrella, shower cap, coconut oil or Vaseline lotion are essentials to have in handbags in case of emergency downpour”  

Stay dry and stylish! 

Pictures credit: Google


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