Too Many Holidays?

One of the nice things about living and working in Nigeria is the amount of public holidays we get! I don’t know how many days we’ve gotten off from work already in this first half of the year! It feels like every other week there’s a holiday to be honest! It’s been soooo refreshing and definitely much appreciated lol!

I can’t remember which president, but a policy was made years back, to the effect of ‘whenever a holiday falls during the weekend then the following week day or week days will be days off‘! Just imagine that! That’s the real reason why we enjoy many days off.

Plus the fact that both Christian and Muslim holidays are considered public holidays!!! Woohoo! Double enjoyment!

And true to fashion, this weekend is Eid which means Monday and Tuesday of next week will be public holidays! keep them rolling! we ain’t complaining at all!

I remember last year, due to some misinformation or miscalculation on when exactly Eid was, we had three glorious days of public holiday!

Now, i’m just thinking, for the average employee and citizen, these days off are highly sought after and treasured. But I do wonder if they have significant effects on the total economy of the nation and income/productivity of SMEs in the nation!

But eyy! We clearly don’t believe in #nodaysoff!

Who am I to complain!? I’m here counting down to the extra lonngggg weekend!

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