Fattie Struggles

I understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But what about living a happy lifestyle? You have to agree with me that happiness is better than health. Right?

Like what’s the point of being healthy but depressed? But you can be happy and relatively unhealthy… but at least you’re happy! And being in that state of mind, if need be, you are better suited to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you know, if your life was on the line.

This all makes sense to me. I really hope it does to you!

It is just a matter of prioritizing I believe!

So in the past few months, watching cooking videos have been the most relaxing videos to me! They are just so magical and full of untold promises and riches! Try it as a relaxation technique! #majorkey

Totally unrelated, I think, lately i’ve been struggling so hard to eat clean! Sinful amounts of sugary snacks have made contact with my tongue! And every single moment has been treasured. The thing about food is that you can count on it! You know that every time you have an Oreo cookie or a chocolate bar, it’ll give you the same warm fuzzy feeling! With food you can always attain the level of your first high unlike certain drugs!

So I just want to leave you with the following:

  • food is loyal
  • food is not the enemy
  • always choose happiness
  • treat yourself you deserve it 

PS- this might have been written to justify my own behavior lol #sorrynotashamed


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