Here’s the honest truth: sometimes (or should I say a lot of the times) being Nigerian and living in Nigeria is one of the most frustrating things ever. And there are times when Nigeria decides to embarrass you on a global scale! Sigh

We keep taking Ls! I really don’t understand why.

Let me run you through 2 things that happened recently! To explain my frustration:

  1. So in the spirit of Ramadan, Saudi Arabia sent 200 tonnes of dates to Nigeria. The sole purpose of these dates were for charity. To be given to people that have been affected by Boko Haram and unfortunately had to flee their homes. So of course the dates were intended for people in IDP camps! But somehow, the dates must have gotten lost in transit, as they were found being sold in markets in Borno state! That’s just ridiculous and shameful! These dates were meant for charity but some stingy people decided to profit off it! How inhumane is that? It’s so shameful and heartbreaking. Of course the government apologized and as per their usual fashion, set up a ‘committee’ to ‘investigate’ the matter. SMH
  2. Due to the economic situation of the country, a lot of people have resulted to crime to earn a living unfortunately. So in the past year or two there’s been an increase in kidnappings all over the country. Now, in Lagos, one of the notorious kidnappers was found and apprehended by the police. First of all, I think it’s important to actually applaud the police for actually doing sometime right! So yeah, they found this man called Evans or his newly coined name billionaire kidnapper. That name is apt though, because managed to amass a fortune be kidnapping high profile victims and the ransoms he demanded were in the millions. Anyway fast forward a couple of days after his arrest, a campaign was started by some silly individuals on social media: #freeEvans. Yes! Some people were demanding that he be freed! I don’t know on what basis and honestly I don’t care to know! But how foolish a demand!

I’m just so flabbergasted over these two events…I don’t quite know what to think right now…

You know what… I’m Speechless…


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