Kaido vs the World: Episode 2 & 3

Hola! Cómo estás?! Those are the first few things you learn when you wanna start speaking Spanish. I’m gradually starting to learn the language, especially because of all the gossip that fly over my head. Probably because I feel they’re talking about us or some other shii like that. But let’s leave the paranoia for another day. It’s a double episode guys *crowd screams*. I know, I know…exciting stuff. In that case, *strikes an Elijah pose* Gentlemen, shall we?

In truth, between Monday, 12th and Thursday, 15th…this nigga didn’t head out for marketing. Being the multi-talented bloke that I am, I was home coding a mock website for a client we had met on Sunday as well as designing some ads for him. While it would normally be boring being home alone, it gave me the opportunity to prance around the house in nothing but my skin…the one outfit I felt most comfortable in; TMI but I ain’t sorry, while I listened to my music while working, honestly the best four days I’ve had.

Moving on, Thursday was a public holiday so everyone was home. My MD was all packed and ready to head home with so much excitement because her twin was in Nigeria for a week. Sadly, I missed out on that but I got $200 compensation for not being around. That definitely made up for it. Friday, I headed to the office with my team and we were able to draw up a conclusive plan as to how we were gonna head out in groups and also distribute personnel into cohabiting teams. Good week it’s been don’t you think.

Kaido for the win!!!

Monday the 19th of this beautiful month was supposed to mark the beginning of our productive outings; take note of the word supposed. We got to the office early that morning only to be informed that there’s been a bit of a squabble in government so top officials needed to head out. My enthusiasm for the week just went down the drain immediately. I was dressed in a checkered longline shirt with my black ripped jeans and black LaCoste plimsoles. Looking like a fucking cool art-director that I am. I was burnt. I had just wasted my outfit but no shit…I’m still gon’ shine.

Hello Tuesday, the teams were out for blood. Seeing as the previous day was shot to hell, I was grumpy in the early hours as I had concluded that the day was gonna be another waste. But damn was I wrong. We left the office early and headed out to meet these clients. After each meeting, the feedback was positive. Exciting news. My mood was much better and my letters for the day had been delivered. We headed home after and made plantain with peppered snails. Double win.

The zeal to work kept up on Wednesday through Friday, as each day kept getting knocked down with positivity. Wednesday, we headed down to Luba. A beautiful costal city with colourful buildings. The sea view was wonderful and clean. I had missed out on a Luba trip when we first arrived and this more than made up for it. The feedback was also positive from the port agency we went to…another double win. The week had ended on a good note. Bring on the weekend.

Oh Saturday, how I’ve longed for you. I could sleep for as long as I wanted, which never exceeded 4 hours. Ended up Netflix and chilling the whole day. Had spaghetti for lunch and garri for dinner. Our MD returned on Sunday afternoon with some munchies from home. We had a Nigerian meal for the first time in weeks. Tears of joy streamed down my face with each spoon.

Kaido bags this week…again *dirt off my shoulder*

Though the outings were not as chilled as the first episode, I fancy this more cause it was more productive work-wise. What does the week ahead say? I don’t know yet. But from the looks of things, we’s gonna be traveling to Bata, the African Miami. *shuffling like my life depended on it*. And on that note, bitches and gentledicks, I have to sign out. See you next week! Kaido Out




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