Its Clap Back Season People!

How Nigerian celebrities live their lives don’t really matter much to me to be honest.

But I’ve been so shocked with what has been happening recently guys. The level of savagery I see on social media nowadays is unprecedented.They have taken those gloves off!

So here I was scrolling on my social media handles like a law abiding citizen that I am and then I come across a conversation between D-Banj and some unfortunate individual on the Trailer Jam handle.

Baba even used the same trailer to jam Don Jazzy . I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. What made happy go lucky D-Banj descend to this level of savagery??

I wasn’t done guys. So since I’m still on the trailer jam timeline I do some digging. Possibly I could see some more interesting stuff and Oh boy! I sure did!

I give you Exhibit B. Frank Edoho and Poor Stephen aka The rubber band man  .

So harsh bro. Damn.

I’m wondering guys. Why are the gloves off? Why has 2017 become clap back season? These celebrities would usually ignore the pesky comments from the social media troublemakers but not this year . They are all on a warpath.Why so? Is it the recession ?

Beloved.  I don’t have the answers but I suggest one thing. Stay on your lane people. Life would be a much peaceful and easier place.

E go be.

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A descendant of the great Don Draper.

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