Kaido Vs. The World: Episode 4

*Read from the bottom*
The journey home fast approaches. I look forward to it. Let the countdown begin. Anyways, I hope I haven’t bored you to death with my random bants; really though…have I? I think I’m done for today. Kaido out. *deuces*

Moving on, this week was also productive…couple of meetings here and there, positive responses, etc; yay team! Then came the weekend with some disturbing news. A 12 year old boy had attempted to kill a classmate twice because she was first in class twice; aye mi, temi bami. This was deep. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I imagined my nephew attempting such and was moved to tears. The actions taken by the boy’s family were also very disappointing. They waited a full week before apologising, antagonised the girl by saying she must have done something to provoke the boy. Wtf? Is this the world we live in now? Where no one wants to take any responsibility? The world just keeps proving we’re playing overtime. I’m just so afraid for the next generation. I hope I can do better as a parent.

Think about it, when you get to a new country, your tourist instincts kick in. You wanna know the happening places. The chill spots. The places with lots of fine women. All that information is important. But here’s what can be your nemesis/cockblocker…language. Majority of the people in this country speak only Spanish, French and a little bit of Portuguese. Where does English come in…after these three. First things first…this is probably the only country in the entire world that has four official languages. In order of importance, the one I speak comes last; meaning it’s irrelevant. With each passing day, I’m starting to regret not taking my language classes serious even more. But let’s not dwell in the past.

Remember how I screamed last week that all roads lead to Bata, the Miami of Africa…well, it kinda didn’t. Impromptu appointments and meetings came up and fucked shit up. I’m not complaining though, money is definitely more important for this project. But I realised that I haven’t particularly been turnt since I’ve been here *insert three shocked emojis*. It’s unbelievable. Five weeks and I have not been to the club, or the beach, or shopping for things other than groceries, or even sightseeing except during work. This has never happened…never. How did this happen? This was definitely not the plan. Something has to give. Suggestions people…I need your help!

So, the weekend is over again and I’m here still wondering why whoever it was that drew up the weekly calendar couldn’t just make the weekend at least 3 days long. Or is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. But man’s got no choice but to conform to the stifling speed the weekend kinda uses to flies by. Onward and upward ladies and gentlemen…literally. This is going to be a very random episode; scroll up for more.


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