Nobody Cares About Your Patek Phillipe

Guys, are you busy? Can you leave work for a few minutes ? I just need to get something off my chest.

So for the past week I’ve had to unfortunately witness some guy named Hushpuppi (What kind of name is that anyway)  argue about the authenticity  of a Patek Phillipe wrist watch that Phyno wore or lack of.

I immediately remember Jay Z lyrics in “Story of O.J

Light nigga , Dark nigga , Faux nigga , Real nigga , Rich nigga , Poor nigga , House Nigga……Still nigga

Basically it means that no matter what height or low some black men attain in life they will essentially be as shallow thinking as hell.

I think there is a inherent need to be flashy and stunt on your fellow man wired in our DNA.

You make a few hundreds of thousands? Stunt. How about a few millions ? Stunt. Even the guys in the low income earning segments are doing the most too!

Who cares about a time piece anyway? Essentially all Its designed to do is tell time!

You know Nigerians are good at looking wealthy when in essence the total net-worth is shit and it ain’t tribe specific its a Nigerian problem. You see lots of cases where a young Nigerian aged 30 , lives in a rented apartment yet he drives a car over 10 Million with a total savings of about 100,000. Sad stuff really.

I don’t blame us anyway perception is the biggest thing. Nigerians are seduced by the appearance of wealth. You always have to look like you have arrived. We always have to “Keep up with the Otedolas” . As a Nigerian when you walk into a traditional meeting setting you have to pull up with a car and look like you have money in your account. Make the mistake and go dressed looking normal and they would think you can’t do the job.

Flip this and let a white dude walk into a meeting wearing  a t-shirt and a pair of jeans? You would hear remarks like “I like the guy he is so simple” *Shaking my head* .

Looking wealthy and being actually wealthy are two entirely different things and true confidence or self worth doesn’t depend on what your driving or wearing for Christ sake.

I hope we can embrace a shift in behavior.

As always just here trying to provide some food for thought.

You can go back to work now.



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