Myth: The One Woman Man

Calm Down B… It’s okay, just breathe in and out and express yourself, Okay? OK.
Go ahead then

So i’m talking about this from a marriage perspective. Don’t misunderstand me, cheating in all types of relationships is wrong, but in marriage, it takes it to a whole other level. I mean, you get married, take vows before GOD and a congregation of people (usually) plus there are almost always kids involved. Why risk it all, for what exactly? 

There really needs to be a more conscientious effort in being faithful in marriages. The toleration level for infidelity is too high and needs to change. At this rate, I understand why some people are turned off marriage, because more and more there is no permanence in the union. The value in marriage seems to be dwindling!

I believe the institution of marriage is a mutually beneficial one, with many ups and downs but the ups far outweigh the downs in a good marriage; where both parties are putting in their best.

I wish for a world where one can be get married with the mindset of loving selflessly without the fear of going through unfair heartbreak due to infidelity!

I believe men (and women) can be faithful and are definitely able to stick to JUST ONE partner in their lifetime, without boredom while remaining satisfied and content. Or am I just a foolish young unmarried lady looking at the world through rose tinted glasses?

There’s a lot more I can write about this but I will do you one better! We took the conversation to our podcast Under The Mango Tree. Listen below and share your thoughts!


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