How To Survive The Lagos Floods

It’s been raining relentlessly in Lagos for a week now and quite frankly I’m really tired. Every single day you have to hatch an effective strategy to navigate the Lagos metropolis.

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It’s like a difficult math problem I tell you.

Any one who knows Lagos – Nigeria already knows how such a difficult place it can be without the rains…but with the rains  this “mega city”  *Insert sarcastic laugh here* is another monster all together.

So guys I have bad news and good news…Which one would you like to hear first?

Okay…The bad news is that most of the Lagos metropolis is flooded. Especially the Victoria Island – Lekki – Epe axis. Its an absolute mess.

But as I said there is good news. Lagos can finally be like the city of Venice! One of the most romantic cities in the world!

On a serious note given our current “floody” circumstances we need new strategy. How do we survive in these water logged circumstances?


  1. Y’all are going to need one of these…


images (13)



I’m not joking guys. Your car will be useless to you right now. Even if you’ve got a monster truck! I love Nigerians  and the few proactive ones have taken initiative. Trust me it is the most important investment you will make today.

2. Take Swimming Lessons

images (1)


See ehn, your swimming prowess is the next best thing right now that will help you in these perilous times and if you don’t know how to swim then I don’t know what to say to you.

3. Turn Off Your Power At The Mains!

unnamed (1)


If you’re lucky enough to have electricity at this moment and there is water in your apartments please switch the power off! Electric shock is real! Turn off power till your house is completely dry beloved.

4. Rubber is far better than Leather right now!


This is so important especially on your commute to work everyday. Discard those heels and leather shoes guys! Rubber is King now!

5. Pack an extra pair of clothes

Do you want to be walking around in wet clothes throughout the day? Trust me it’s as uncomfortable as can be! So here is the hack. Pack an extra pair of clothes and a small towel to wipe yourself dry as well.

Guys, desperate times call for desperate measures you  can thank me later.

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10 thoughts on “How To Survive The Lagos Floods

  1. I wore my lovely strappy Sandals to the market yesterday. We are still weeping together. I love d rain as long as I’m not in it. I love the cold weather especially when I’m tucked in bed.


  2. Thank you for the tips. They reminded me of a few things I planned putting in place.
    Rubber is definitely king. Permission to share this link on my facebook page?


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