Jungle Justice

I have come to one very sad conclusion, Nigerians are the most blood thirsty people ever! I have never been able to rationalize jungle justice in any way. No matter how heinous the crime committed.

I know Badoo Cult members have devastated the Ikorodu area but it isn’t enough to take their lives as some form of retribution.

Like literally why would Nigerians take laws into their own hands and murder people?

I have memories growing up as a kid in Surulere , Lagos state and seeing people actually burn a naked thief to death.The gory charred body forever etched in my memory.

Yes I know he is an armed robber or he is a cultist or he even stole bread in the market but heir lives are not yours to take.

Why kill though? Why take another humans life regardless of whatever crime committed?

It could be out of the sense that justice is not assured or it could be the blood thirst that’s indicative of the need to exact revenge.

Whatever the motivation , Its just not right.

What if the person is innocent ? How about that? I seen cases where innocent people have been lynched and burnt to death because of the mob mentality that Nigerians seem to have.

How do people even sleep well at night knowing they have killed another human being?

I think laws should be passed. The same kind of prison sentence for Murderers should be attributed to people culpable of exacting jungle justice.

Maybe this way people will be deterred.



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