Gun To My Head…

Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? I HAVE

I remember the man talking to me, apparently he was asking if i’d recognize his face if I ever saw him again. I can’t. I don’t even think my eyes and brain ever really looked at him, even in that moment. I was so confused, I didn’t know what was going on at all.

Have you ever been threatened with a gun? I HAVE 

This one was less traumatic but very worrying and scary! The driver had just picked my siblings and I up from school and we were heading home. The driver attempted to pass the car right in front of us, but each time he tried, the car wouldn’t let him. After the third time or so of trying, the driver in the other car wound down and wove a gun in the air. As if to say, try it one more time and I’ll shoot you!

Oh I remember one other experience with gun violence! This was a lot more traumatic, I was crying and really scared. Long story short, an army man was trailing us till we got to our destination, earlier on he had physically attacked my driver…. clearly abusing his power! I think I blocked that memory because I haven’t thought about it until this very moment.

Here’s the thing, Lagos is a very UNSAFE city! That’s the truth. Some areas are more secure than others, of course, but generally you have to be security conscious regardless. Hence why a lot of individuals take security into their own hands, from owning weapons, hiring security officials to even using juju (black magic).

Side note! There are some hilarious stories and scary things about black magic! We just might do a podcast on this! What do you think? 

Anyway, I just wanted to rant and share stories because these Lagos streets be trying me! But I don’t want to be tried when it comes to this! God Please!

Guns are so normalized here that you can be walking down the street and see a regularly dressed person with a gun and not even flinch ( I personally will though, to be honest). That is not okay!

Ever had any experiences with guns in Lagos? Or just in general?





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