The Rise Of The Tramadol Generation

Recreational drugs have taken over! In case you have been sleeping under a rock. Make no mistake beloved Nigeria has a drug problem.

So here I was sitting at the back of a BRT bus , earphones plugged , catching up on a few podcasts. This guy walks in and sits right next to me. We both nod to acknowledge each others presence. In five seconds I already notice his pupils were dilated and already got a whiff of alcohol .

It’s all good though judgement free zone here.

But he did something that drew my attention further. He reached into his pockets and brought a bottle of syrup and popped a pill.

Wawu! I already suspected it was cough syrup which obviously contains Codeine but I couldn’t figure out what the pill was..

The next few days were thorough research mode for me and to be honest  guys we have a big problem on our hands.

Apparently Tramadol and Codeine when mixed bring a high of devastating proportions. Add some hard liquor to the mix and we have Charlie Sheen levels of highness. This is practically the brink of overdose.

Word on the street is that tramadol is also an aphrodisiac. So imagine how much abuse is going on guys. I pity those overworked Livers.

The sad thing is that you can walk into any roadside Pharmacy and purchase a bottle of cough syrup and Tramadol easily. Easy as ABC.

I don’t have the solutions now guys. I truly don’t we need a full Podcast to talk about this.

Till then stay woke guys.

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