The Pressure to ‘Snap Back’

Let me start off by saying I LOVE BEYONCE!!!

Please try to understand this is coming from a good place. Anyway, so shortly after I woke up this morning, I was blessed to see Queen B’s twins! I was like aawwww! So freaking cute! But then I was taken aback you know, her belly was one sit-up away from washboard abs! JUST ONE MONTH LATER!!! HOW?! 


TBH, I thought she looked fantastic throughout her pregnancy! She literally only gained weight in her stomach! Everything else stayed snatched! All hail the Queen! But here’s the thing, 4 weeks is crazy for it to look like nothing ever happened.

Yes, I understand that people are different and breastfeeding makes you lose weight (imagining breastfeeding twins! double weight loss). However, biologically speaking, the younger you are, the higher the chances of you snapping back because your skin is a lot more elastic. Plus, Beyonce is probably not working out yet, as it’s not even up to 6 weeks since the birth! So how did she do it?! I really want to know, if it’s natural she should give us tips so we can benefit! Help womanhood Queen! 

You know what, in Hollywood you really can’t take things at face value! Look at how Rob exposed Blac Chyna! She made it seem like her body was naturally tight few days after the birth of Dream, but now we know better!

So let’s make comparisons between Beyonce and Ciara’s postpartum bodies…

for context, this is what Ciara looked like days before she had her baby (compare to B above weeks before she had her twins) 

Here is Ciara 2 and a half months postpartum 

And Queen B, one month after twins

We live in a world now where women are put under pressure to look a certain type of way and a lot of times these expectation are unrealistic! And a lot of people do crazy things to attain these ridiculous standards!

No doubt some women are blessed and naturally match up which is amazing! But they are not necessarily the norm.

I think it’s really important to distinguish between the real and the assisted snap backs!!!

I’m not saying Beyonce’s isn’t real, but GODDAMN! Clearly, she’s a phenomenal woman  so I don’t put it past her being real, but an ah na only her God go dey bless like dis? 

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