Fear Of The Village People Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Me: So Ikenna I’ll see you tomorrow right?

Ikenna : Yeah definitely, just call me so we can link up.

Next day.

Me: *Calls Ikenna*


The number you have called is currently switched off

I find out later that home boy had travelled abroad the next day and his bags were packed the whole time!

Y’all have to agree with me that this is the most Nigerian thing ever!

There seems to be palpable sense of terror about revealing your travel plans to people in Nigeria.

As a kid travelling to Eastern Nigeria, I remember my Mother always practically swearing us to an oath of secrecy.


Make sure you don’t tell anyone were travelling on Saturday, do you hear me?”

Lol!  Those were the days.

But why is this a thing? really why?

Is there a way the village people bring down the planes mid air?

Is Juju or Jazz even a real thing? I have not personally experienced it and quite frankly do not believe in it but I have heard stories. Believe me lots of stories.

Even watching “Nkan Be” back in the day surpassed any horror film I have ever seen.

images (1)

Late Kola Olawuyis and his characteristic white mustache regaling horror stories of African Magic are still fresh in my memory.

Goats who turned to naked human beings , witches falling from the sky…All sorts.

images (2)

I wonder what happened to that Witch though did “fuel” finish?

I still have a lot of questions. Why do poor people seem to practice black magic the most? Why is it even called black magic? Does Jazz cross over to the “abroad”.

Does “mammy water” even exist?

I assure you all these questions will be keeping me up at night.



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5 thoughts on “Fear Of The Village People Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

  1. Well the devil is real so he has his team with him. Honestly i don’t bother my head with such things. If they do gather for any child of God, they must scatter.
    Village people, all you owe them is Good morning Ma, good morning Sir, wisdom is profitable to direct.


  2. For me it’s a thing of the mind and how firm u hold on to God but u will agree with me that there is wickedness in high places so one has to be careful cos these wicked people seem not want to see people progress In life. May God help us.


  3. Ojemi!!!! At some point in my life I use to think this way until I started to study the Bible for myself and I realized that fear had a hold on me, because “IF GOD IS FOR ME” so I don’t pay attention to those things anymore after all when our Governors are traveling the whole world knows. I be God pikin


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