Don’t be Afraid To Share!

We have a culture of keeping certain things to ourselves because as OG said; the fear of the village people is the beginning of wisdom! However, we know that’s not really true, right? LOL 

You know how they say: a problem shared, is a problem half solved. I think the same principle applies with goals! Side bar- in both cases it goes without saying that the person or people you share with matter a lot! 

Sharing your goals with the right people will probably take you that much closer to achieving them. If they can’t give you tips or resources to get you there at least they can keep you accountable and cheer you on in those moments you feel like giving up!

As they say; no man is an island, we can’t do it all alone!

Guess what?! There’s an easy to use platform to help with achieving your goals while having your people of choice to join you on that journey!

Check out and listen to the new podcast for more on this!

Don’t knock it before trying it!

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