Respect The Jazz

There I was, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, chilling with some chilled glass of juice while feasting on peppered shrimps and fries; made by yours truly, when I got a notification from our very own OG. He had just posted an article he knew will pique my interest…a post relating to BLACK MAGIC; not the musician though! I just had to drop a short response. Gentleman, shall we? *strikes Elijah pose*

So OG went on a rant about how he can’t understand why Nigerians make an effort to hide the fact that they are carrying out certain actions from people. What can you do when you live in a society where the hearts of most are as black as their skin?  It sounds crazy but when majority of people are screaming about something, that kinda hints at the possibility of it’s existence. Even religiously, we are warned of the powers that be. If that’s not reason enough, I wonder what is.

Now bear in mind that I’m not particularly a religious type of person. I think religion is a man-made system made to brainwash people. But from family relations I came to understand that black magic; aka juju, is indeed real. Recently, I had a discussion with a colleague earlier this month and this topic came up. She then shared a gut wrenching childhood experience she had when she visited her father’s uncle.

Sitting pretty in the corner of the living room was a Coca-Cola bottle. Being a curious child she went to get the bottle and in it she could see a man trapped in it and desperately attempting to be free of his bondage. Her father immediately snatched the bottle from her hand and was telling her off when his uncle came and explained that the poor chap had hurt one of their children and thought he could escape so they thought to teach him a lesson.

Then there’s my extended family. My great aunt, according to my mother and her siblings, is the top dog in their realm in the whole of the region they grew up in. Ofcus it sounds made up but when you hear 11 siblings sharing the exact same story, the possibility of it being a lie disappears. Then I had the chance to meet her the day she attended a church service during a family gig. Confused and utterly shocked, I wondered how that was possible and like a mind reader she stated boldly how the pastor had come to them for powers and blessings. I was dazed at her confidence, which if I might add was beyond contesting.

The life we live in is quite fickle. They say experience is the best teacher but the experience doesn’t have to be yours, does it? I hope y’all who’ve never experienced black magic never do, so your perception never changes your faith.

And on that note ladies and gentlemen, this banter is done. Kaido out!

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