What’s Does God Have To Do With It?

So guys, I love God with all my heart and in practical terms, I’m a long way off from being an atheist.

I Just thought I should get that out of the way.

In Nigeria, it seems we have left the probability of anything happening to the supernatural.

I was having conversations with a colleague about this phenomenon and he spoke about a conversation he had with his Grandma.

Grandma : I am very tired

Colleague: Go and sleep if you’re tired Grandma

Grandma : God forbid, by the grace of God it’s not my time. I will not go and sleep.

We laughed this out it in the office but think about it, this situation happens every single time as Nigerians! In different situations. Observe.

  1. Mrs A: Segun, I’m expecting my print job by Friday as agreed right?

          Segun : Well, by the Grace of God Ma lets see how it goes.

      2. *Mr B enters lift and proceeds to press the “G” button which is two floors down*

          *Mary enters the lift*

           Mr B: Going down?

            Mary : God forbid, I can never gown down In Jesus Name!

       3. *Mr C borrowed money a long time ago to Kingsley, however Kingsley has                                reneged severally on the agreed payback time. Mr C puts a call through and is                        apparently holding his last nerve*

           Mr C: I hope I will get my money back next week after you get paid.

          Kingsley: By the grace of God.

      See eh, I am tired! A word of advice to Kingsley you better pay that money oh! Mr C               has arranged police for your matter.

I think we are inherently superstitious people. We behave like there is some unseen evil force which is always on standby, waiting to take the words we speak and cause havoc in our lives. We take these positive affirmations too far sometimes, beloved.

Temidayo is feeling strong he wont be able to come to the office* or here is my favorite    *I’m rich right now please I need a little transport money to get home*

Really??? I have had enough.

Beyond positive affirmations, God left us on this earth as Kings of this earth…and this earth must be navigated using natural laws which  have already been put in place. If you don’t do the work, I don’t think you will see any results. There’s nothing the “Grace of God” is going to do to change that.

So next time you give someone work to do and you hear “By the grace of God” Ask him/her this…

“What does God have to do with it?”






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5 thoughts on “What’s Does God Have To Do With It?

  1. Hmmm…
    My thoughts
    1. There are evil forces. If we have good then there’s corresponding evil/demons/witches etc.

    2. The only power they have over u is the one you relinquish.

    3. Words are powerful. Words are spells. The power of words has actually been scientifically proven.

    4. Nothing beats good planning, time and money management, hanging out with the right folks, having the right mindset and attitudes and great work ethic
    No amount of positive confession can replace the above mentioned

    5. I really cant stand “by the grace of God people”. LOL
    I find it annoying. Like do the needful already. Don’t tell me “by the grace of God” like God’s gonna come down and get things done

    6. What u said about natural laws and systems- very apt. Atheists and New Agers get this more than Kingdom folks.

    7. Jesus was not a shaman. Yeah, one time he fed multiudes with little but other times, his disciples actually bought food. Sometimes, you get miraculous financial blessings, most times we have to learn the systems and principles of making, managing and multiplying money

    I still dey learn.
    By God’s grace. LOL

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