Forwarded As Received

Remember BBM? Remember how broadcasts messages seemed to be some sort of taboo on that redundant app? Well with Whatsapp it seems to be okay.

Here’s the kicker. It seems to have become the foremost form of information dissemination among a lot of Nigerians.  Sad thing is that there is no surefire way of sifting through the untruths  and people just post it regardless with the magic words “Forwarded As Received”  tucked right under the long epistle. It’s amazing how you can start some sort of propaganda or even start nationwide panic through these Broadcast messages.

So I took the liberty to divide your Whatsapp contacts who broadcast into five categories.

  1. The Whatsapp Comedians

The jokes whether funny or dry are accompanied with a “Laugh with me I cannot laugh alone“. Sometimes I ask myself what if i don’t feel like laughing with you at this moment?



2. The Alarmists

Where do i start from in this category. What have I not seen? from the broadcast messages saying Boko Haram has infiltrated Lagos  and is currently selling poisonous apples with the intention of wiping out everyone or some other ridiculous concoction.  I could go on but I don’t have the space.. But on a serious note. I think this category can do the most damage or the most good. Sadly there is no way to verify the authenticity of these messages.



3. The Social and Political Commentators

The messages in this category usually start with “Nigeria I hail thee” . If the people in this category channeled  the energy expended forwarding all those messages to voting…Nigeria would probably be a better nation by now.

4. The Whatsapp Evangelists and Motivational speakers

This would have been a somewhat harmless category if not for the obnoxious set of people that threaten you with the “Forward to seven people and something good will happen to you in seven minutes”  messages.



5. The “Forward To Someone You Love” category

Forward to 10 People that you love today. This group of Whatsapp usually try to guilt trip you to forwarding what you received.  A good question to ask would be… if I don’t forward this message does it mean I don’t love you?

Unfortunately we have parents and relatives who belong to all these categories so blocking would be futile. So I guess all we can do going forward is to sieve whatever information you receive laugh at the funny jokes and keep it moving.

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