For The Love Of Poetry #WCW

So I really love poetry! I’ll listen to a poem over and over and over again till I know the arrangement of every single word, pause, emotion, applause…

Each time I listen, it almost feels like I find new meaning, catch something clever I haven’t in the past.

I can spend hours listening to poetry and not feel the time pass by at all.

It is one of the most beautiful art forms and I feel everyone should fall in love with it.

So in honor of this deep love I have for poetry, I will start a special Wednesday post; where i’ll share a poem a love and hope you like it.

Many are old but are still beautiful!

Here’s one I only discovered today! It’s by Carvens Lissaint called Wedding Night…

I don’t think I need to say too much about it, listen, enjoy and share your thoughts. Hope you enjoy this new series Words Crush Wednesdays! Allow me to be your poetry plug! lol

PS: share some of your favorite poems with me too in the comment section! 

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