Tick Tick Voice Nigeria

First things first. I think the Voice Nigeria is a great show. Great production and an actual great ensemble from the hosts IK Osakiodowa and Stephanie Coker to all the Judges. It’s a pretty impressive cast. Even Tuface wouldn’t be missed much this season because Yemi Alade adds a lot of color to the show. All in all it’s an impressive production.

But is the show really living up to its potential? Judging from last season’s show which saw Arese win the coveted 1st prize we haven’t seen much from all the other finalists. Maybe except for DNA who got signed by Don Jazzy. I know Chike is still feeding himself fat off all that Airtel endorsement money but what’s up with music bro?

I’m singling out The Voice because as far as I’m concerned Project Fame has totally lost it in terms of funneling music talent and it actually has become a very boring show production wise. So like the words go “To whom is given much is expected” we all look to The Voice Nigeria to take its place as the “Go to” platform  discover talent. I mean they have the viewers attention , the have advertising and sponsorship locked down. What else do they need?

They literally have one job.

I’m sure you’re wondering “Ahn Ahn it’s too early to be critical“. But I have a good reason for this.

Do you know that the good talent shows have the first 5 seasons to push out talent successfully before the law of diminishing returns start to set in? Look at the project fame trajectory and you would understand where I’m coming from.  Even though they have fallen off now, but they had an impressive run in the first five seasons and  they were able to produce talent that have become proper stars.

Tick tock guys , as usual we will be watching.

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