Love and War #WCW

It’s Wednesday so you know what time it is!!! #WordsCrushWednesday

Everyone has their own unique takeout from a poem. For me, this beautiful poem by Zara Howard is about new love. You know how you meet someone, you can’t get them out of your mind, you want to know everything about them, spend as much time as possible with them. You know, when lust runs high but don’t get me wrong, the love is there but somewhere in the background.

This is the phase where you put your best foot forward, looking the best, being conscious and just being in a general state of euphoria. But at the same time you have your past, your demons, things you’re not so proud of and you wonder, would this new love stay when all your layers have been revealed? The good, bad, ugly and if you’re like me, the crazy.

Another take out for me is the wholeness in the expression of love and loving someone. I feel a lot of times due to past heartbreaks we become jaded and find it difficult to truly fully love someone. We hold back so much that we deprive ourselves of experiencing true love.

Nothing is worth doing if you’re not doing it well, especially love.

Enjoy the poem…


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