Domestic Violence

Can Gloomy describe how I’m feeling right now? Y’all don’t care, right? Well, I get it but are we still human beings? I need to know if blood still runs in our veins. I’m a lady, a daughter, soon-to -be a wife and definitely someone’s mother someday soon and I just can’t wrap my head around how cold we’ve become to one another, like how and when did we get here?! What’s in for the next generations? Should I be scared of who my children, cousins or nieces would end up with in the future?

See ehen, we are all frustrated due to the economic downturn, no doubt about that, many are losing their jobs, companies can’t sustain their staff, traders, artisans are all feeling the heat when everything is double the price, “Ask me how much I bought the eggs and plantain I had for dinner yesterday” you still don’t care right? Because we all know how prices for everything has skyrocketed but people, sincerely and ideally ain’t we all in it together? Is this enough reason to become inhuman to one another?

So what level of poverty or frustration can make the rate of domestic violence go up day by day? A survey done nationwide found the rate of domestic violence rose from 21% in 2011 to 30% in 2013. We are now in 2017 someone please do the math! It’s frightening! damaging! traumatic! exhausting! Oh, GOD! Is the media not doing or saying enough? What is the government doing to STOP this murderous act?! What forms of publicity, training, and counseling can help to TOTALLY ERADICATE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. 

What is domestic violence? In simple terms oh ehen, it is abuse, battery or family violence which involves ‘violence by one person against another person”. Domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone yet the problem is often overlooked, excused or denied. Is love ever enough to stay in an abusive marriage? Is stigmatization enough to protect a child molester? Is societal pressure enough to lose an eye or even both in a relationship? Need I say more on the psychological aftermath of domestic violence? How can we help that Iya Sidi from her abusive husband as a role of social responsibility? Nkechi shouldn’t be scared of stigmatization and allow the continuous molestation from her class teacher etc…

For me, I think the government needs to implement a grievous new law to punish anyone guilty of this inhumane behavior; to reduce if not eradicate it totally. Put in place good and well-facilitated rehabilitation centers to counsel the victims so they can be strong and in a sane mindset to fit in the society again. Continuous use of the right channels of publicity to educate and inform Mallam Bako not to transfer his aggression of low sales on his wife and kids. Bayo and Chinedu should know that rape is a grievous offense. In some cases, a learned and well-informed person can easily leave an abusive relationship because they are informed of the dangers and the emotional trauma but what’s the fate of those that are not?`

This fight is ours to fight, the government cannot do this alone, let’s give our best support and advice to any domestic violence victim as it could be anyone dear and close to us tomorrow. Let’s stay out of trouble, we are human, we should be responsible for our acts at all times. It is also important for us to know  that staying in the right state of mind at all times cannot be overlooked. Depression is real, talk to that pastor, Imam, your colleague or anyone that you think can help with the best advice or give solution to any challenges. We are bound to face challenges in life, how best we overcome it makes us stronger and fulfilled as humans.

Say No To Domestic Violence! Preach it!

Till next time #kissessandhugs



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