101 Of #FitFam

Let me just say this, motivation is the most overrated quality when it comes to getting fit (eating clean and working out). Okay maybe not the most overrated but the thing is motivation isn’t loyal! She’ll up and leave without feeling a thing! The only type of motivation I personally rate is financial, that’ll will keep my eyes on the ball atleasr for a while! I’m down for this 

But for real, what you need is the D!!! Sigh, get your minds out the gutter! I mean DISCIPLINE! With The D, there are no ifs, buts or maybes, you set a plan and you work towards it!

Here are a few tips to use for reinforcement after you’ve got The D on lock down

  • Plan ahead- depending on your lifestyle you can plan days ahead or even the night before. Plan your meals and workouts it really helps! You should even lay out your workout clothes the night before, plus if you plan your healthy meals you’re less likely to eat junk! Preparation is key!
  • Entertainment- have a playlist or album or even a podcast😉 for working out! The time will fly by! When meal prepping, make it fun by listening to music! Make fitness fun!
  • Balance- don’t do too much at once! You’ll burn out quickly and be discouraged! Treat yourself from time to time, don’t look at it as a cheat meal/day, it’s a treat meal! You worked for it!

Those are the tips I have for you! Fitness is paramount guys. It’s not even about looking good, it’s about giving your body the best fighting chance to live for as long as possible with minimal health issues. As they say health is well but as we also say in Nigeria ‘I can’t come and go and kill myself’. Do everything in moderation

Have a nice weekend y’all!

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