Yes Please, Thank You

Lately all over social media, there’s been a lot of conversations around Taxify and Uber; both in the service industry. There is obviously an increase in the number of businesses in this industry; I personally feel that 95% of businesses are in this industry one way or the other, some obviously more than others. On the surface this a welcome development as more jobs are being created but are we really prepared?

Here’s the thing, Nigerians have a high sense of self entitlement which often translates to being rude and disrespectful to others unfortunately. In a society where this is the norm, you can see why there will be a lot of hiccups in this industry. To make things worse, older people in Nigeria have an ‘age complex‘, hence the popularity of the rhetorical question ‘am I your mate?’. These things are so ingrained in our culture that people can’t compartmentalize their feelings; professional life vs. home life. Thus the rampant use of this phrase ‘do you know who I am?’ with total disregard to the realities in which they exist, in that moment.

To put it simply, till we as a people, learn to respect one another regardless of age or socioeconomic status and learn to take pride in dignity of labor no matter how seemingly menial, these issues regarding services rendered on various platforms will go no where.

To be served, we must first learn how to serve others….

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