Nigeria and Charlottesville, Same Na Ni.

Gather round beloved. We have something important to discuss.

So I saw people commenting on the Charlottesville White Supremacists in demonstration in America with such disgust here and the irony of it all hit me like a wave.  Are we really that oblivious of the Ethnic polarization hugely evident here in Nigeria? Are we going to sit here and deny that Ethnic profiling is not a big deal in Nigeria?

Even with our current generation you would think that we we had escaped the preconceived notions our parents grew up with.

Granted a few of us have been de-radicalized ( Lol I know I used that word) but its still valid.

I know I have been de-radicalized. I mean I was born in Surulere , Lagos State. My Best friends as a kid growing were Yoruba and Ijaw . Great guys,   (Damn I sound like a white dude saying he has black friends aLol) But on the real though  I remember my Dad used to tell me as kid  to be careful when dealing with Yoruba people.

They are snakes  they would betray you at the drop of the hat“.

I don’t blame the now Late Engineer. He moved to Lagos to live with his Uncle as a teenager in Post Civil war Nigeria. Even though he later had close friends who were Yoruba ( I mean my Elder sister was named Abimbola ) but he still harbored those feelings even as a Father. I don’t blame him he witnessed the war as a kid.

But the funny thing is I feel a lot of  younger Nigerians harbor a lot of similar sentiments and they refuse to say it with their chest.

You don’t believe me? Alright I took the liberty to do a list of curated statements from the general public on what they feel about other tribes in case you all are doubting.


  1. Ibo men are most likely to cheat you if you do business with them. They also love money more than their own lives.
  2. Edo women are most likely witches or prostitutes in Italy (Don’t go near them oh some guy said).
  3. Yoruba people have a smell (Really?).
  4. Benue people are very promiscuous.
  5. Ibo men are proud and chauvinists they prefer to marry young women that they can dominate.
  6. Calabar women will kill you in bed , Also Calabar men are promiscuous.
  7.  Mbaise men are cunning and conniving.  They can’t be trusted.
  8. Yoruba men are demons.  Also Yoruba people are backbiters/show offs and party animals.
  9. A Hausa man doesn’t take care of his family/ will most likely marry a second wife.
  10. I forgot to add Hausa people are followers . They follow their leaders politically and religiously always.
  11. Itsekiri and Ijaw people love a good drink especially if its above 50% alcohol volume.

*Sigh* I could go on and the sad thing is that you hear these things every day in Nigeria.

No matter how politically correct we try to be as Nigerians I always find that when we are pushed to the wall the real views come out .  Every thing is usually cool until your brother/sister brings a man/woman of a totally different tribe home to your parents that’s when all hell breaks loose. Our preconceived ethnic notions will eventually rear its ugly head.

You might argue that there isn’t smoke without fire but can we have an agreement here and now?

Can we agree to treat each other on a person by person basis. I think as fellow humans we owe that to each other.

It is only fair.


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4 thoughts on “Nigeria and Charlottesville, Same Na Ni.

  1. Hmmm! The issues of life reveals our true identity. We need to rise above sentiments and emotion in other to enjoy a peaceful coexistence. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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  2. Well I believe each person is influenced one way or the other by where the come from. Just depends on the level of influence, their exposure and deliberate decisions.

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