What’s Your Body Count?

So I was watching the Chris Brown interview recently and he spoke about a lot of things. But i’m not talking about all his abusive antics today…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Spoken about that countless times already.

However, one thing  he said struck me. He hid information about people he had been with in the past and that’s one of the things that caused their fight. I know a lot of times a two people looking to date each other have the ‘body count‘ conversation and a lot times lies are told. Most times the number is cut into half or even much less.

So I start to think to me self your past actually matters. The body count number actually makes up a lot of peoples minds about the kind of person they are looking to give their heart to.

So I have to ask both sexes

Guys whats an acceptable number?

1 ? 2 ? 5 ? 20 ?

Ladies how about y’all?

5? 8? 10? 20?

I know for a fact most people have a number that’s a total deal breaker. I am also curious to know what that number is for everyone.

The question for me is this…should a person’s past factor into the future? Especially considering the fact that some people have a period in their lives where they are easing off youthful tensions ( see how I said hoe phase in a nice way? leave it i’m good. )

So let me know what your acceptable numbers are and what your deal breaker numbers are.

Hit us up in the comments section.


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