ASUU+Nigeria Gov= Destiny Wasters

ASUU has done it again! They have done what I personally think they were created as a Union to do.


Embark on strikes!

The figure of contention this time is about One Trillion Naira  from the Federal Government (Giggles) . I’m sure when Buhari read the news headlines he would have so many laughs far way in the UK.

I don’t think ASUU is the problem though. They are just past of a dead educational system in this country.

So before we go further I would like to ask a question.

Given the choice and the financial leverage would you send your child to a Nigerian University that isn’t private owned?

Exactly.  Education is not cheap. It needs funding! But sadly fund appropriation has been the issue. Just like everything going wrong in this country. Money goes to pockets instead.

So I can’t pretend I have the solution guys.

But I do know this. Kill corruption and you save education.

Sadly this is not up to us I’m afraid.


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