How Real Are We?

What is the craziest thing you’ve done to prove your commitment to a significant other?

I think getting tattoos of names or faces has to be one of the easiest, yet most foolish things people do! It’s funny because so many people have done it, regretted it and either had to change it to something else, or go through the expensive process of removing the tattoo entirely. This is true especially for celebrities and we see them talk about their experiences, so why don’t we pay attention!?

I believe in learning from other people’s mistakes! So before you get that man’s name tatted on your chest, pause, think and walk away. Sometimes people do it and have no regrets; the relationship lasts forever but even in cases like that your skin loses elasticity which changes the way the tattoo looks over time.

I think there are other ways to prove your commitment via tattoos. Take for example Beyoncé and Jay Z’s IV tattoo (although I believe it’s been removed now). Just find something small and meaningful and put it in a discreet place on your body.

Side note: if the conversation of getting a tattoo to prove ‘it’s real’ is brought up, both parties MUST get the same type of tattoo in the same location.

I remember being with someone who was removing one of these types of silly tattoos. I remember the room smelling like boiled beef. LOL

Plus there are several sessions to take it off, it’s painful and most importantly would cost you thousands of dollars

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to get a tattoo, that’s on you, but please don’t write a name or draw a face on your body just to prove it’s real! And if you must do do, please don’t do it like these people!


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