Men, Hide Your Hoodies!

I was on my way to work and I didn’t drive today so I was exposed to the elements.

Of course straight out of the page of a tragic movie the heavens opened and it started pouring rain. It had been threatening to rain all day so I left the house prepared  and all thanks to my trusted hoodie I was happily protected from the elements.

Guess If I didn’t have one on guys. Just guess? Tragedy.

Bearing this in mind now I need to ask a question to the women? Why are our hoodies always in danger? Why? Especially for such an important item in our wardrobe like the hoodie. I know y’all are going to say “Oh It’s a sign of your love for us” , but no  find other innovative ways to love us and leave our hoodies alone! It actually is  a sign of love if you leave them alone. The sad thing is that the best ones are always taken from us! The Best ones!

Because we are nice guys you can have the T-shirts , boxers/briefs , socks,sweat tops  and even the chicken from our plate but no the hoodies are out of bounds.

Sad thing is that you could go to the store and purchase all the female hoodies in the world for our women and they still want ours.

Kuku kill us na .

We know the hoodies smell like us but you can have the T-shirts for that. I mean it’s a fair trade isn’t it?

Guys reading this please send the ravens to all men throughout the seven kingdoms , we know they wont listen so here’s the memo ; just go and hide your hoodies.



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