The King Is Back

Our King is back  ( I call him a King because he is certainly no democrat) and he is spitting fire.

He was graceful enough to address his subjects this morning.

I needed to get a transcript of that speech because anytime the President speaks its always a chore deciphering what he says.

In case your’re having difficulty too let me help you summarize and paraphrase .

“I have seen your tweets and posts , all you trouble makers trying to break this country apart will be seriously dealt with. I’m watching you in 3D . By the way Nnamdi Kanu  i’m coming for you *After name dropping Ojukwu of course

Really Sir? That’s all? No assurances on a concise plan for the economy for the rest of your tenure?

Baba just wanted to address critics. He must have been seething so much it couldn’t wait.

It’s funny but they don’t understand that when you take away a Nigerians lively hood they become very very angry. That’s why there is so much vitriol towards the Government. That’s why all of a sudden there is so much Igbo support for IPOB. Those guys are not making money anymore.

Make the country working optimally and you would be shocked how Nigerians will face front.

Hell lets see a plan of action and concerted effort towards execution.

I know social media is an unwanted inconvenience Sir. But I’m not sure you will succeed in gagging us by force.

Just leave politicking and fix our country please.

In the following days after this post was written, rats seem to have overtaken the Aso Rock Villa.  I guess there’s no resuming work anytime soon for the Commander In Chief. The Nigerian comedy show keeps on getting more ridiculous by the day. 



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