OG Made Me Do It!

I’ve never reviewed a movie but as my arms have been twisted I have no choice lol. Anyway Banana Island Ghost…. I was excited to see this movie for several reasons. I had known about the movie from the production stage and knew what the synopsis was about and I thought it sounded interesting and had a lot of potential. So when the trailer was released I couldn’t wait to watch it…

When I saw the trailer it was a mix of emotions, the picture quality looked good and it was funny but I was taken a back with the whole action scene and ninja thing going on… but I thought menh ‘it’s cool, still looking forward to seeing the movie, just a bit anxious now’ 

Anyway, fast forward to opening weekend, I went to see the movie with my sister….

Image result for banana island ghost

Let me start by saying, I wish I had gone in with no expectations as I think maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more… So in a nutshell I was disappointed. Here’s why though

  1. The overall story line was okay but it wasn’t done justice. So there were holes here and there.
  2. I understand that in Nigeria product placements are a new thing but guys there were at least two full adverts in that movie! Coke and Coldstone. We the viewers shouldn’t be able to point out each and every sponsor. It could have been tastefully done.
  3. I didn’t particularly like the editing and the filter used. Everything felt too airbrushed, I know what the water under the 3rd Mainland bridge looks like on its good days, it’s not that blue lol. However, I must say they had some beautiful aerial shot of Lagos!
  4. There were laughs here and there but yeah… the acting was okay too but surprisingly my favorite person in that movie was Akah and I have to be honest, I don’t really like him (I think he sucks on Shade Corner lol). But I have to give credit where it’s due and Akah did a really good job.

Overall, it was less than okay for me because I think they really had something going but went off track somewhere… But you can watch it with no expectations and definitely like it better than I did…

I hope my first movie review makes some sense… Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


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