Weekend Behavior

It’s Sunday night again and I’m here asking the same question…how is the weekend over already? I wonder why we can’t just have 3 days as the weekend. You may argue that Friday is a weekend but if you think about it, it actually isn’t. You still have to go to work or round up that your hustle for the week. Such a stressful thing this adulting is. If I had known, I woulda heeded the warnings of those elders that hinted at us enjoying our youth rather than hurrying to grow up. Now being an adult has it merits, but if I could I would just prefer to go back to my university days. After all is said and done though, this has low-key been one of the best weekends I’ve had all year. I was able to successfully be lazy and actually had no care in the world. Friday was chilled, spent majority of the day catching up on movies I had missed during my time as an expatriate (dirt off my shoulder). Then came my realest Gs, main man OG and the ever jovial Williewonder.

FIFA, booze and babes was the order of the evening after work hours and I ended the night by retiring to my house and basking in the wonderful feeling of the cool winds kissing my naked skin. Ah, such bliss. That was the beginning of my weekend. I had work but wasn’t able to give any iota of fuck cause it was too stressful. In fact, the weekend was so chilled that I slayed one of my closest friends which caused a fight. I’m sorry RockDiva.

But that wasn’t the highlight of the weekend. The highlight of this lazy weekend was in the lack of energy to bath myself. Sounds dirty but trust me when I say it actually felt good. I worked out; a number of pushups, crunches and skipping while listening to Wale’s “My Love ft Wizkid and Major Lazer”, and ended up basking in the smell of my sweaty body. It felt refreshing. Ladies and gentlemen, I dare say to you that you know not what you miss. You definitely need to give that shit a shot. Just stay indoors, in your birthday suit (you don’t have to sweat), and only cover yourself when you wanna get something to munch on and most importantly… don’t bath till Monday morning. You’ll thank me later.

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