Life Is A Constant Pursuit Of Orgasms…

The rains are back  after a welcome break in August and just clockwork  when it’s starts to rain everybody on social media is posting the words “weather for two” or “or I wish I was cuddling with someone in bed” etc etc.

Why do we always have to think about sex when it rains? Really though ? when there so much time we have to get a lot of things done?

By all means if you’re all “Boo’ed” up please knock yourself out. Don’t just knock her up or get knocked up if you’re not ready to start a family.

Wait guys , I just had an epiphany mid post. I kid you not.

****Hold on let me re-arrange my thoughts*****


I think sex is over rated. I have never had this opinion before but I just thought about it. The act in itself isn’t over rated  I mean If you’re doing it right  and doing with the right person it can be magical.  But , for a lot of people its a lot of preparation and a lot of build up to something that just last for a fleeting moment in your day.

Let me break it down for both sexes.


  • For some guys the extent of your grooming , wardrobe choices and what not are determinant on looking as presentable as possible to the opposite sex. Y’all are going to deny this but you know I’m writing truth.
  • For some guys enterprise and pursuits of money is largely dependent on the opposite sex.
  • Even social media activity. Y’all remember the post I did on dating sites ? Yeah most of the guys on there which was a ridiculously large percentage were definitely looking for sex. Take this to the bank.
  • Even all those dates and “tell me about yourself” and  “I really like you” is just an elaborate web woven to get her between the sheets. All this wahala for what? Sometimes the truth will set you free really.


  • Let’s not even front . All that make up and hair even wardrobe decisions are skewed towards looking good for yourself and ultimately for some guy to find you attractive. This will be denied to the high heavens but we all know this is true.
  • Looking beautiful for the ‘Gram. All those instagram filters have been kept busy because that social media persona must be kept in pristine condition.
  • Dieting and making sure your body is in good shape nko? All those meals that you have rejected . All for what ? Just to make sure someone finds you desirable. Too much wahala abeg.

I could go on and on guys I might be heckled after posting this but when you sit down and ponder your conscience will let you know I’m speaking raw truth.

Of course there are a lot of people that are ahead of the curve.

But trust me a lot of y’all are caught up in this rat race.  I’m watching you.


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